About the DTE Finance

Our mission is to provide students with education, products, and services to become financially aware. We love helping people with their decisions when it comes to improving credit, mortgage, auto, personal finance, credit cards, investments, and more.

We aim to support you without the hidden games or misleading pop-ups. Just simple, straightforward help solving the problems around your personal finance. Everyone in our believes that just about anyone can start taking control of their personal finances to achieve their biggest dreams in life.

Our Goals

To provide useful financial education

We want to equip you with the best financial education to help you achieve your goals

To provide motivation

We want to provide motivational stories to help you grow with our content creators as you follow your goals.

Supporting communities to build wealth

We want you to be able to create new opportunities for yourself and your loved ones. Wealth gives us more options, and you deserve to experience them.

Meet the people behind the vision